Meodental offers a revolutionary and advanced teeth whitening solution which improves the appearance of one's teeth and enhances the perfect smile.
The revolutionary range of teeth whitening products from Meodental are highly effective in treating all types of stains and discolorations caused by day-to-day activities such as smoking, eating food, drinking tea, wine and coffee as well as tetracycline and fluorosis stains.
An improvement of up to 8 lightening shades (VITA Scale) is possible (*) and lasts for a minimum of one year.

The Key NATURAL+TM Products include:

  • Meodental NATURAL+TM Professional Kit
  • Meodental NATURAL+TM Home Kit
  • Meodental NATURAL+TM Gentle Power Refill Home Kit
  • Meodental NATURAL+TM Lamp
  • Turbovac+TM
  • Wide+TM

Why NATURAL+TM is so effective:

  • Stabilized and Ecological Neutral pH Formula
  • Contains Dead Sea Minerals, Calcium and Fluoride
  • Calcium and Fluoride released during the procedure
  • Enamel layer protection
  • High viscosity for better adherence
  • Long-lasting whitening efficiency
  • Sensitivity-reducing agents to ensure no sensitivities or side effects
  • Time of exposure limited

(*) Effectiveness will vary from patient to patient depending on the original teeth color and the patient's behavior and lifestyle.
     NATURAL+TM is not recommended for patients under the age of 15.
     Pregnant or breast feeding patients should consult with their doctor before commencing treatment.
     NATURAL+TM should not be used on teeth with metal fillings.

  Name Description
NATURAL+ Professional Kit

100% Ecological - 100% Effective - Patented Formula
The NATURAL+TM Professional Kit is intended for in clinic application by a Dentist.

The NATURAL+TM Professional Kit contains our exclusive NATURAL+TM formula, our highly efficient and safe to use whitening solution plus all the ingredients to perform the required procedure and reach effective and lasting results.


NATURAL+TM Home Kit is a self administering kit that patients can obtain from the dental clinic after consultation.
The NATURAL+TM Home Kit ensures optimum results from the comfort of the patient's home.
The NATURAL+TM  Home Kit also contains our exclusive NATURAL+TM Gel which is safe and reliable and far more efficient and effective than any other product without the side effects or sensitivities.


NATURAL+ Gentle Power Refill Home Kit

NATURAL+TM Gentle Power Refill Home Kit is a self administering kit that patients can obtain from the dental clinic after consultation.
The NATURAL+TM Gentle Power Refill Home Kit is aimed for patients who have already performed a NATURAL+TM Home treatment and require additional material for long term maintenence.


The New NATURAL+TM LED lamp is a revolutionary dual wavelength LED (Light Emitting Diode) system and is the only one on the market that has several scientifically developed programs designed to accelerate and optimize the results of the NATURAL+TM Gel as well as any other dental whitening material.


Turbovac+TM is a multifunction vacuum forming machine that no dental laboratory or office should be without. The Turbovac+TM offers you the ability to do plasticizing for mouth guards through to surgical guides. The choice is yours and due to the ease of use and flexibility of the Turbovac+TM


Wide+TM is another quality Meodental product that is used for lip, cheek and tongue retraction. In order to work effectively within a patient's mouth, one needs maximum visibility and access to the work area and most important, the retractor must be comfortable