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100% Ecological - 100% Effective - Patented Formula
The NATURAL+TM Professional Kit is intended for in clinic application by a Dentist.

The NATURAL+TM Professional Kit contains our exclusive NATURAL+TM formula, our highly efficient and safe to use whitening solution plus all the ingredients to perform the required procedure and reach effective and lasting results.

Contents of the NATURAL+TM Professional Kit

NATURAL+TM Professional No. 1

  • 6 individualy wrapped pairs, each containing:
    • 1 twin syringe of dental whitening gel, 35% stabilized hydrogen peroxide, 2ml
    • 1 twin syringe of activator (red), 0.5ml

NATURAL+TM Professional No. 2

  • 6 individual boxes in a tray, each containing:
    • 1 syringe of neutral pH stain-removing gel, Powerprep+TM, for use exclusively by professionals, 1.2g
    • 1 syringe of gingival protection, 1.2g
    • 1 Luer Lock connector
    • 3 tips 
    • 1 tube of nourishing and soothing balm, 5ml
    • 1 capsule of prophylactic paste enriched with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, 0.40ml

See product leaflets and manuals for detailed list of ingredients and components

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