The Meodental NATURAL+TM (formerly WHITE+TM) whitening solution is a unique and professional solution that meets the expectations of even the most demanding clinical cases including discolorations of the enamel and/or dentine (intrinsic dyschromias), among the ones which are associated with the administration of antibiotics (tetracycline). NATURAL+TM is also highly effective in treating dental fluorosis (excessive fluoride intake) and; most generally, stains on the enamel (extrinsic dyschromias) whether it is age-related, or resulting from a high consumption of tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, etc.

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The heart of the NATURAL+TM solution is the patented NATURAL+TM active agent based on an aqueous solution having both disinfecting and whitening properties including two types of Hydrogen Peroxide but without the commonly associated disadvantages.

The NATURAL+TM active agent process consists of using the compounds of two types of hydrogen peroxide which are identified and reused through a process which includes several operations such as filtration. The NATURAL+TM formula allows the teeth to maintain an optimal degree of hydration during the entire procedure, thus avoiding flux exchanges in the mouth.

The advanced properties of NATURAL+TM active agent and the presence of Calcium in the formula, progressively releases the maximum amount of oxygen, therefore avoiding the need for renewing the application of the gel between cycles. This results in increased whitening power and a reduction in patient treatment time.

The patented NATURAL+TM formula destroys bio-films and conforms to medical devices 2a and 2b standards as well as being biodegradable and neither harmful or corrosive.
NATURAL+TM also conforms to the following: bactericide (NFT 1040 and 1276), virucide (NFT 72 180), sporicide (NFT 72 231 and NFT 72 281), fungicide (EN 1275) and Legionella (PR NFT 72 301).
NATURAL+TM has been certified to meet the requirements of the health ministry ordinance No. DGS/5C/DHOS/E2/2001/138 of March 14, 2001.

Key Features of NATURAL+TM

Ecological and stabilized hydrogen peroxide

NATURAL+TM is the only product available which is non-toxic, stabilized and completely ecological.
The NATURAL+TM formula contains specific agents that prevent the acceleration of the peroxide decomposition resulting in an efficient and progressive release of the oxygen molecules.
NATURAL+TM is the only product of its kind which is totally safe for use, is neither carcinogenic nor mutagenic and is environmentally friendly.

Calcium and fluoride released during the procedure

The inclusion of Dead Sea Minerals, enriched with Calcium and Fluoride, at an optimal level, reinforces the dentine and enamel and has a cariostatic action while reducing teeth sensitivity.
The action of the Calcium and the control of the water absorption by active compounds, avoid decalcification and dehydration of the teeth which is usually the main cause of sensitivities during whitening procedures.

Virtually no sensitivity or side effects

NATURAL+TM contains sensitivity-reducing agents for standard care and for post-procedure alleviation.
This is achieved through the inclusion of potassium nitrate which affects the response threshold in sensory nerves and as such is used for pain relief.
Sodium fluoride in the formula reinforces the calcium barrier in the enamel and dentine and acts as a desensitizer with anti-cavity power.

Neutral pH

By maintaining a pH of 7.0 in the oral cavity, this guarantees preservation of the enamel and the dentine.
The active agent in NATURAL+TM is stabilized and ecological and has been specifically formulated to remain neutral during the entire procedure whereas other products result in acidity through an oxidation process.
The prevention of oxidation by NATURAL+TM is contained, among others; by the Calcium ions which also aid in a re-mineralizing action and which rebuild the enamel barrier.
During the catalytic reaction, peroxides release oxygen which penetrates the enamel through the inter-prismatic zones and fight the chromophormic groups responsible for stains on the teeth.
In addition, the enamel molecules are reorganized.

High water content

The NATURAL+TM formula is developed on the basis of an aqueous solution which ensures a higher level of water and so; prevents dehydration which typically results in the overheating of the tooth.
This is one of the principal causes of pain and sensitivity during and after whitening procedures and this phenomenon is also responsible for a critical loss of efficiency ("regression") after treatment.

High molecular mass thickener

The thickener, natural in origin, eliminates all possible sensitivity preserving an optimal water content level and thus avoiding any dehydration of the teeth.

High viscosity

Higher viscosity results in better adherence and effectiveness and mitigates the risk of ingestion.

Progressive and sustained release of active agent

The visible effect of the NATURAL+TM whitening procedure develops throughout the process and continues after the treatment has been completed while still preserving oral and dental balance.
The synergy resulting from the interaction between the two compounds, Calcium and hydrogen peroxide, causes a higher level of oxygen release thus optimizing the whitening process.